LetsDigital - Online-reputation-ManagementORM is important and SEO is a key part of most ORM campaigns. Online Reputation Management is even more basic in its definition, but broader in scope of what it entails. Online Reputation Management is exactly what the phrase suggests, managing your online reputation. Looking closer at some of what could have an online reputation is where this becomes difficult. Basically anyone, anything, or any company has an online reputation. The obvious ones are: people, companies, and brands.

ORM includes not just using SEO but in addition, social networking, blogs, review sites, etc. Managing your entire online presence is a very lengthy process. When you include all the above information then in becomes ORM. The goal of ORM is slightly different. Online Reputation Management is intended to move the content you choose into the order you want in a search engine, the bad down in Google search rankings the good up. With lower requirements, SEO is attempting to get a single page in the top.

If you see something negative, it is time to become a social media/SEO/Google Analytics expert or it is time to call a company which specializes in Online Reputation Management The longer you wait, the more click through’s the negatives will receive. When someone google’s your company, they will come across the negative. People are leery of trusting anything from the internet. People are much more likely to trust negatives over positives. Negative reviews get more credibility than positive reviews. If you see those negatives you need to be ready to act fast.

If you do not see anything negative about any of them, GREAT! You are ahead of the game. You have a couple of options from here and pursuing both of those options may be a smart move.

In addition to working on your company’s SEO and assisting with the development of a positive web presence, a good LetsDigital will monitor your web presence. This can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the business that you know best.

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